Strengthening the Teeth and Improving Appearance with Dental Crowns

St. Lucie Center for Cosmetic Dentistry has been providing truly innovative and state-of-the-art dental restoration technologies to help patients bring back the warmth in their smile. One of the most sought after cosmetic dental procedures from dentists in Port St Lucie and the surrounding communities is the application of dental crowns.

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped fixtures that are strategically placed over misshapen teeth. These dental devices are often cemented into place in order to fully encase whatever is left of the tooth, often that portion that is lying at and above the person’s gum line. Dental crowns are excellent dental devices to restore the shape and size of teeth as well as improve its strength and enhance its overall appearance.

Dental Crowns

Dental Crown – Before And After

St. Lucie Center for Cosmetic Dentistry provides dental crowns to patients who may need to protect their teeth that have been weakened by tooth decay. Additionally, dental crowns are also great for individuals who may have teeth that have been severely worn down.

The dental crowns that are provided by St. Lucie Center for Cosmetic Dentistry are made of only the highest quality materials. This is to make sure that the broken or cracked parts of the teeth are held together. Crowns also provide excellent support for the dental fillings applied on teeth. Furthermore, dental bridges are better held in place when dental crowns are present.

St Lucie Center for Cosmetic Dentistry provides dental crowns in a wide assortment of materials. They can be in the form of stainless steel, metals, porcelain that has been fused into metal, all-resin, all ceramic, zirconia, or all-porcelain. With a wide variety of selection of dental crowns, patients are guaranteed to find the one that best suits their dental restoration needs.

When it comes to dental restoration services, dental crowns are simply one of the most efficient and most practical ways of gaining back the confidence that individuals deserve. Furthermore, strengthening whatever is left of the teeth is more than a welcome benefit. Dentist R.Anthony Matheny excels at creating crowns that are not only aesthetically perfect, but first and foremost serve your oral care needs!

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