Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure and Tips

Although earlier visiting a dental expert was seen as a discomforting experience, these days individuals are looking forward to visiting them to get their teeth enhanced. Cosmetic dentistry or any dental work which improves the appearance of your smile has been given high priority by many, especially among the youth.

So how does it work and why is it essential?

While the majority of these cosmetic treatments are based on your personal choices, certain scenarios do require urgent cosmetic care. Some of the teeth errors that can be corrected through cosmetic dentistry are yellow or stained teeth, crowded teeth, gummy smile and chipped teeth.

How does it work?

At your first consultation the dentist needs to analyze your problem and figures out a plan of treatment that is best suited for you. The treatment plan is based on the underlying problem and the end result desired by the patient. In most of the situations, a mock-up is done, where a photograph of the person’s mouth is taken before. Then a simulated picture is generated to show what they might look like after the treatment. This can also be done by taking impressions of the teeth and showing a mock up on a mold of the person’s jaw.

Some Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Teeth whitening: This procedure is required to whiten dull teeth. Two reasons mainly cause discoloration of teeth; one of which is aging where the teeth naturally become yellowish while another is due to stains that are caused by chewing tobacco, smoking or other factors. For such people, their teeth are first cleaned and then a procedure called teeth whitening is performed.

Use of Veneers or Laminates: In some situations people’s teeth become very dark, either due to certain medications or a phenomenon called root canal teeth (where the teeth become black from the inside). These are dark brown to bluish teeth that cannot be treated with bleach. Under such circumstances, laminate or veneers are preferred. Laminates provide no change in color but have a change in shape and size. Veneers are those that can provide a change in color with or without a change in shape and size. Therefore, in the case of a discolored tooth, it is advisable to place a veneer. Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure and Tips - St Lucie Center for Cosmetic Dentistry - Port St. Lucie, FL

Braces: Under situations where patients are experiencing either gaps in the teeth or overlapping of teeth. It is then advisable to use braces to correct the issue. Braces are a set of wires installed in the mouth which help to make the teeth straight.

Maintenance of a cosmetic dental procedure:

Any cosmetic procedure requires care and attention so that it can be maintained. Since in most incidents there is a foreign element involved in the makeup of the oral cavity, a healthy and structured oral care regimen should be followed.

Few tips for maintaining your cosmetic dental procedure:
Brushing: Use a soft bristled brush for cleaning. Run the brush along the teeth in swift and soft movements. Do not be too harsh on your teeth.

Avoid eating anything hard and sticky: It is not advisable to eat hard or sticky foods like toffees or candies since these foods are hard and sticky which may cause harm to your teeth.

Quit smoking or chewing tobacco: Tobacco chewing and smoking cause teeth to become stained very quickly.

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