Four Benefits ONLY Achieved with Veneers

Veneers vs Other Options

Veneers, braces, Invisalign — there’s no shortage of options when it comes to fixing your teeth. However, veneers can achieve what orthodontics and teeth whitening systems simply cannot. This permanent approach to improving your smile isn’t for everyone, and Dr. Matheny, DDS and his staff at the St Lucie Center for Cosmetic Dentistry will always recommend keeping as much of your natural tooth as possible. However, in some cases only veneers will do the trick and offer the best results for the long-term.

Veneers can Last 10-20 Years or Longer

The results from orthodontics treatments such as braces are permanent, though they sometimes require ongoing retainer usage to maintain results, but veneers don’t usually last forever. It’s common for the latter option to need replacing in 10-20 years. However, some people take such good care of their veneers that they actually do last a lifetime. If you’re considering veneers, remember that they may need to be replaced.

Only a dentist can tell you if veneers are the best strategy for you, even so here are a few problems veneers can fix better than any other type of dentistry:

  • Gaps instantly filled: Often braces can shift teeth into the best aliment and close the gaps between teeth. Even so, if your teeth small or your arch is too large the only way to correctly fill those gaps is with porcelain veneers. This is not always an aesthetic issue, as dental gaps can create pockets where bacteria can accumulate. If you don’t like the gap-toothed look, veneers can give you that gorgeous, gap-free grin in just two appointments.
  • Removal of permanent stains: Even in-office whitening can only do so much. Some tooth stains are so deep and severe that they’re permanent. Veneers can cover discolored teeth and can be even more stain-resistant than your natural enamel (depending on its porousness).
  • Your whitest white Maintained: We all have our own whitest white which can be appreciated for a while post a professional whitening. Dr Mathney will match veneers to his client’s whitest white and that lets them know when their teeth are in need of a professional cleaning or whitening, while ensure their smiles are the whitest they can be naturally. Technically, a dentist can put on any shade of white veneer imaginable, but that can lead to a fake look that isn’t desirable.
  • Fix misshapen teeth: Orthodontics can shift where teeth are in your mouth, but they can’t change the shape of a tooth. Therefore the best alternative for an unattractive chipped tooth to be instantly fixed is with veneers.

In 2 appointments you can get veneers. At the first, impressions are taken, the teeth you are having covered are re-shapen and bonds are applied (temporary veneers that look like the real thing). Your veneers are then made in a lab and applied permanently a few days later.

Call the St Luice Center for Cosmetic Dentistry at (772) 878-5000 and talk to our staff about whether veneers are right for you.

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